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13 April 2015

Microsoft Office 365 announces Mobile Device Management Feature

Posted in Blog

Over the past year Microsoft has been pushing Office 365 heavily to both business and consumers. To support this, they have launched the new Mobile Device Management (MDM) capabilities for Office 365.

In the forever changing market of business growth, business needs are constantly changing, with this, comes more data and more devices. But how do you manage it all?

Last October, Microsoft announced they would start rolling out Mobile Device Management features to new and existing Office 365 commercial subscriptions. In the coming weeks this will include business, enterprise and government plans.

09 April 2015

Domain SEO Service Registration Corp Email Scam

Posted in Blog

Have you received an email about your domain name recently? BEWARE: It could be a scam.

Scams have become a huge issue for most internet users. It has inundated both the personal and corporate world of emailing.

In the past few weeks, we have seen certain emails come through regarding domain names that we own. These scam emails come from Domain SEO Service Registration Corp and are made to look like domain renewals, when really they are offering a traffic generator software tool.

01 April 2015

Cloud in Control - Are You?

Posted in Blog

Cloud computing has been a boon to all business types over the last few years as it has become rapidly adopted

Cloud Computing is no longer limited to basic services like Dropbox or Office 365, it's now suitable for running a company's entire infrastructure or business operations.

Still not sure what Cloud Computing really is, read this article to find out.


26 March 2015

Values at the heart of Tegen

Posted in Blog

Protection. Freedom. Excellence. Trust.

Protection. Freedom. Excellence. Trust. These are just some of the values that make Tegen a trusted IT partner for many well-known companies across London, Surrey and most of the South East.

20 March 2015

End of life for Windows Server 2003 - Are you prepared?

Posted in Blog

Security and vulnerability issues are just some downfalls if you're still operating with this system

Your business can be left with security and vulnerability issues if you are using technology that is out-dated. This increases the probability of downtime, which can prove very costly to your business.

19 March 2015

Tegen make another donation to RMHC (Ronald McDonald House Charities)

Posted in Blog

This year Tegen donated a further £500 to the RMHC

Tegen are proud to donate £500 for the Brighton House of the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

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