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03 August 2015

Is your portable device safe in the wrong hands?

Posted in Blog

What does your data mean to your organisation? And how far would you go to keep it safe?

Misplacing your laptop or phone is frustrating and in most cases, it’s not losing the actual device that’s going to cost you but the information that is stored on it.

30 June 2015

Report: 5 things to consider before migrating to the Cloud

Posted in Blog

What do we need to look at when considering Cloud technology for your business?

Embrace the Cloud, yes. It changes the way we do business, gives us the edge in a competitive landscape and brings in a whole host of efficiencies. 

03 June 2015

Cost effective VoIP systems, but what does it cost if it gets hacked?

Posted in Blog

It’s not distance that keeps business apart, but lack of communication.

The telephone has been around since the 19th century and is still an essential part of the majority of businesses today.

13 May 2015

Backup and Disaster Recovery Guide

Posted in Blog

Disaster recovery is becoming an increasingly important aspect of business planning as IT evolves and is relied on more.

Download the guide. This year, IT Professionals may face concerns that their disaster recovery programmes will face budget cuts.

23 April 2015

How can you protect your Business from Cyber Attacks?

Posted in Blog

Businesses large, medium and small are facing threats from cyber-attacks on a regular basis. Make sure your business is protected.

Gartner States “Attacks are financially motivated and are supported by a sophisticated underground economy.

22 April 2015

Tegen make Donation to Shooting Stars Chase Charity

Posted in Blog

Tegen donate unclaimed prize money to Charity close to their hearts

At the beginning of March, Tegen announced the winners of their RBTE competition where there was £175 worth of Amazon vouchers up for grabs.

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