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Like all businesses, you depend on your network. Have you ever needed to send an important email or access vital information, but the system or data was inaccessible? Traditional support models would have you call for help, and wait for a
technician to be dispatched to troubleshoot the problem. In some cases, making multiple trips for parts This reduces precious up-time for diagnosis, travel and repair - all at your cost. We have put an end to that.

Our responsive offering gives you the assurance that your organisation's IT infrastructure receives the required level of support. Built on the strength of our suite of tools and our renowned customer service, we respond rapidly to changes in the health of your network and applications, and to your requests for help. Efficient troubleshooting means that we get you up-and-running faster than ever.  Our enterprise-class IT support and monitoring capabilities empower us to dramatically reduce the time it takes to diagnose and resolve network problems or failures. This translates into increased employee productivity and cost savings for you. In some cases, problems can be avoided before they even happen.

Core Features

Essential monitoring

Monitoring the essential elements of your business' IT assets


Basic reporting on scoped in devices


Helpdesk with fully tiered support staff

Remote support and onsite support

Remote support provided to fix issues without the need to visit site; supplemented with onsite network, server and desk side support as needed

Response time

Next business critical day response as standard, protected under an SLA

Responsive support fees

All Support Fees based on time and materials with discounts on block time pre paid bundles

Priority service

Priority support over clients without a support agreement

IT Procurement assistance

Our IT consultants work with you to help you make optimal technology choices

Optional Features

A number of featrue enhancements and services are available

Managed antivirus

Total desktop security solution including antivirus, anti-malware, Hosted Intrusion Protection

Managed anti-spam

80% of all virus' are delivered via email. This service offers perimeter protection preventing unwanted email and spam from reaching your network or users

Remote backup solution

Additional backup and offsite storage options for proper management of critical data


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