Smart Backup Solutions for Server, Network and Data

Smart Backup

Reducing the risk, reducing business cost

What would be the cost to your business if you lost critical data, even for a day?

Backup. It’s not the most exciting of IT products and yet it’s one of the most important for your business. Backups can’t be hit and miss – they have to work all of the time so that on that rare occasion that you need to get back yesterday’s work then you can be wholly confident that it will be there for you.

Your business data is the lifeblood of your company and the amount you are collecting and storing is growing all the time. Imagine the impact if you lost a day's data, a weeks data, a year's data, due to inadequate or infrequent back-up processes. What would happen, could you recover?

Smart Backup is a managed backup solution from Tegen that ensures that all files are automatically backed up as frequently as every 15 minutes if needed. And it will likely cost less than your monthly phone bill. So, how much is your data worth.

Don't risk your business by being unprepared!

Smart Backup provides the skilled IT resources, domain expertise, centralised monitoring and management facilities and proactive approach to ensuring the protection of your data, and your business, against loss.

Available at the same cost or lower than your existing backup product, the Tegen Smart Backup service is unbeatable value.

Call us today and minimise the risk!

Tegen Smart Backup

Your backup software should backup all of your data on all of your servers with no need for extra add-ons. Why should you pay extra if you want to backup your Exchange email server? Why should you be charged more if you want to backup your SQL database server? Or your Oracle server? Or your Hyper-V server?

Tegen Smart Backup is built on the award-winning ShadowProtect suite from StorageCraft. With just one licence per Windows server it will backup all of your data, whatever format it’s in. And since it can be configured to backup just the recent changes, it won’t have any impact on the server’s performance for the short period of time that it takes to run the backup.

Reliability and integrity is also key. If you find that you need to get back that file from last week then you don’t want to dig that tape out of the fire-safe only to find that it’s damaged and can’t be read. Tegen Smart Backup backs-up your data to local onsite disk-based storage, and it can use spare storage if you have some available – so there’s nothing extra to purchase. And because it is disk based and always online, it means that it can check the integrity of all of your backups on a weekly basis. This ensures that you’re alerted if any of the backups become corrupt so that an immediate full backup can be rescheduled.

Reporting is also important. Rather than a system that sends you a collection of intelligible and overly technical emails whenever a backup succeeds, fails, or partially fails, Tegen Smart Backup includes a weekly summary report that shows you all of your backup activity on all of your servers, giving you the reassurance that everything is operating as it should. And because this is integrated into Tegen’s Smart Monitoring and Management systems, Tegen will often attend to any problem before you even notice it.

Tegen Smart Backup. All of your data, all of your servers, online, readily available, and constantly monitored. Why settle for anything less?

Tegen Smart DR

Disaster Recovery is more than just backup. It means planning for the worst and having procedures to cope with unexpected but long-term downtime. How would you cope if your server room was flooded? What would you do if the tapes that you took home became damaged?

Tegen Smart DR replicates your backups over an encrypted link to servers in the Tegen DataCentre. Overnight, so as not to use your precious internet bandwidth during the day, your servers quietly push their recent backups to the cloud. Straight away you are protected from the unforeseen, as your business-critical data is safely offsite at a remote location. And Tegen Smart DR includes intelligence which automatically and continuously checks the ongoing integrity of your replicated backups so we know at once if there are any problems. An alert is flagged via the Tegen Smart Monitoring systems and our Engineers will immediately investigate to ensure that the integrity of your backups is protected.

The whole process is fully automated, so the days of swapping tapes and reading sticky labels can be put behind you. With Tegen Smart Backup and Tegen Smart DR you can get on with what’s important to you, safe in the knowledge that a team of experts are continuously monitoring your backups and ensuring that your business is protected.

Tegen ReadyBoot

Business Continuity is critical if you can’t afford downtime. If you’re a Business Owner and you had to send all of your employees home for a week because your server room had flooded then how much would this cost you? Would your business survive? If you can’t help customers, if you can’t sell your products or services, and if you can’t place orders, then how long can your business tread water?

Tegen ReadyBoot converts your offsite backups into Ready-to-Boot virtual servers that can be brought online at the flick of a switch. By the time your staff get home they can fire-up their laptops or home computers and connect remotely to your servers and your data in the Tegen DataCentre. They’re looking at your systems exactly as they were last night. So you can help your customers, you can sell your products, and you can place orders. Disaster? What disaster? With Tegen ReadyBoot you can carry on as normal whilst Tegen work with you behind the scenes to rebuild your infrastructure and help you manage your business’s long-term recovery.

With Tegen Smart Backup, Tegen Smart DR, and Tegen ReadyBoot, your business has the best possible protection, and at the most affordable cost.


  • Centralised Management
  • Data Compression
  • De-duplication
  • Infinite Incremental Block-Level Backup
  • Physical & Virtual Server support
  • Bare Metal Restore to dissimilar hardware
  • Microsoft Standard VSS driver support
  • Point-in-time full backup exports
  • Database log truncation
  • Periodic Checkpoint aggregation of backups
  • Automated backup agent deployment
  • Integrated with device monitoring
  • Integrated with device management
  • Provides integrated attended & unattended remote control
  • Single Pass Backups

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