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Communication is the key to any business. Having access to your corporate email away from the office means that your staff can stay in touch, are always contactable and that important information is never missed.

Connecting to your corporate systems...

In today's market more smart handsets are becoming available with different underlying platforms. Each platform has its own distinctive advantages.

We can connect your smart phones to your corporate email servers efficiently and securely.

We are expert in Blackberry solutions and have a number of additional solutions and applications to suit your requirements. Need to synchronise public folders? Do you want to print to your office printers? Need to send a fax out from your company fax servers? There are a number of solutions available to make your Blackberries even smarter.

Likewise we are specialists in Microsoft push email, connecting not only Microsoft Mobile based handsets but also Symbian and Android based handsets to your exchange servers.

We can make your smart phones smarter and more secure. We even have the technology to remotely control the handset should the users need any support – now that is smart.

Smart support for your smart handset.

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