IT Removal and Destruction

IT Removal and Data Destruction

Clients who are on Tegen's Fully Managed Outsourced IT contract can benefit from our IT removal and Data Destruction Services. Tegen have this service for their clients to ease the burden and save costs involved with disposing of IT equipment and Destructing Data.  grass recycle tegen

IT Equipment Removal

Tegen can dispose of old IT hardware such as PCs, laptops, servers, network equipment and printers. One of our engineers will take away the hardware whenever we routinely visit your site.

Hazardous waste such as CRT monitors and UPS backup power supplies can be disposed of and we can also be responsible for the Reporting of Hazardous Waste which is required by law from The Environment Agency.

We are trusted experts in IT Removal and we take on the responsibility of keeping the environment safe. It also means our clients don't have to worry about disposing of IT equipment.

Safe destruction of data

hard driveTegen can also arrange secure data destruction of hard drives. This is an important aspect of any company as failure to dispose of confidential data can have massive consequences if it falls into the wrong hands.

Do you know what happens to the data on your hard drives or how hard it is to remove the data completely? You may think you have permanently erased it from the drive but with new and sophisticated software coming to market, it is now easier than ever to recover unwanted files.

At Tegen, we have the experience and knowledge that will ensure your data is removed from the device so it can be disposed of without any future threats to your business.

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