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Tegen are leaders in networking technology and solutions, constantly researching the market and testing new products and software. We partner with a number of major suppliers and vendors ensuring that the solutions we provide are fully tried, tested and supported. We are fully trained on the products and software we install.

Scalable network solutions from Tegen...

Flexibility, continuity, scalability and disaster recovery are key to the design process ensuring your network can adapt and grow as your business plans and growth strategies are implemented, with assurance that your business is protected against disaster and data loss.

We design our networks around your business requirements, ensuring your business IT systems deliver in the most effective and secure environment.

Tegen are experts in conventional physical server networks, virtual server networks using Hyper-V technology, and thin client solutions using both Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and Citrix.

With the latest virtualisation and Hyper-V technology you can future proof your network, reducing upgrade costs, increasing efficiencies and providing extremely fast disaster recovery.

With our own data centre facilities or those of our hosting partners we can also design and supply hosted application servers using cloud technology.

Utilising the latest fibre and digital subscribed services we can offer our design and installation services to provide the most secure wide area networks both nationally and across the globe. Our relationships with internet service providers go beyond national coverage, with a number of our clients being multi-site with office locations both across the UK and the globe.

Tegen are not tied to using any one vendor or provider. Our distribution network of partner vendors and providers ensures that we always find the most cost effective, efficient and reliable solutions for our clients.

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