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What is server virtualisation? It is defined as "the ability to host multiple operating systems on a single hardware platform". In essence it is a way of splitting your software away from your hardware.

In a virtual environment we can run multiple virtual servers off a single hardware appliance.

Increasing efficiencies with Virtualisation

Virtualisation saves you costs, increases efficiency and saves on space.

Saving costs...

Costs savings can be made on both hardware and maintenance. One physical server replaces multiple ones, the cost of hardware maintenance is reduced, and savings can be made for supporting in a virtual environment.

Increasing efficiencies...

Industry figures suggest that in physical multiple server environments a server is generally only using 10% of its potential. This in itself is a huge in efficiency. Virtualisation allows us to utilise hardware resources and increase this utilisation to 80%. Power consumption is also saved, helping your carbon footprint.

Space saving...

Space is money. Freeing up space in your data centre or on site server racks enables you to utilise your rack space more efficiently.

What about recovery? How much would you business suffer if a critical application was offline for any large amount of time, or you email server? How would this affect your revenue or your communication? In a virtual environment, coupled with our disaster recovery solutions, servers can be recovered in minutes not hours or days.

In addition virtualisation will provide a foundation to take your business into the future by giving you availability, scalability,a simplified and easier upgrade path, and provides a safer and more secure IT environment.

Server virtualisation is not reserved just for big business. Why, as an SME, would you not want to have these savings and advantages? You can.

It makes sense to consider this technology for any network of infrastructure upgrade.

Tegen are specialists in server virtualisation using the latest Microsoft virtual server and Hyper V technology.

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